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Our History

Fairhaven Transport offers our clients a range of services to suit our client’s transportation challenges. Far from a “one-size-fits-all” structure, our ranges of services have been developed based upon the industry standards and client needs. Fairhaven Transport has the knowledge and experience to safely and efficiently handle your cargo.

Our Services

We have the necessary local and regional trucks to assist you with your import and export drayage needs.

We are fully licensed transportation brokers who utilize contract freight carriers and private fleets to secure consistent service and flexibility.

When you are looking to haul overweight or oversized loads, safety and reliability are major concerns.

Shipping a wide load can be a complex task especially when you do not have the right vehicles.

Fairhaven knows transportation. Customers know their industry. Together, we address concerns, solve operational problems and anticipate needs to deliver quality solutions.

Good customer service is the foundation of a company’s reputation. Businesses work hard to develop quality products for consumers, and the delivery experience is an extension of those goods.

Our Customers

Freight Management Verticals

Our business verticals offer solutions for customers in specialized market segments with similar transport requirements.


Our retail vertical involves the management and control of shipments from domestic and offshore vendors, consolidation facilities, distribution centers and store delivery shipments.

Food and Beverage

Our food and beverage vertical focuses on the dynamics and specific challenges with food and beverage manufacturers.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Our manufacturing and distribution vertical focuses on a broad range of industrial and non-retail distribution accounts.

Emergency and Surge Event (E.A.S.E.) Management

Our E.A.S.E. management vertical is a short-term freight event management solution for our customers.

The best solution for all your transportation needs.

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